3 Trendy must-haves to style your way to success

3 Trendy must-haves to style your way to success

November 23, 2020                          4mins read

Dressing for the role you want can be an important step towards getting it. Not only does it make a great impression on potential employers, it also gives you a confidence boost. That will help you win the job in the first place, and to perform it in the best possible way. A good skill-set, a can-do attitude and classy work attire would make it difficult for an interviewer not to take you seriously.

The current pandemic has created challenging economic conditions. Many jobs are at risk, with many people furloughed or laid off, so why not improve your chances in a virtual interview by making the best impression you can?

The term “dress for success” doesn’t mean wearing the classic two-piece suit. As women, society allows us to dress in a variety of styles, giving us the chance to look professional yet chic.

In an interview situation, first impressions count, so it’s important that you look smart and stylish, but you also need to feel comfortable. So don’t aim to wear the tightest possible outfit, nor the loosest. Fit is very important and once you’ve struck the right balance, it’s much easier to focus on the interview.


One-size fits all power blouse:


Photographer: Karol Debski. Model: Katie Turner. HMUA: Bekka Harvey.

So. NAEY: Shop now: £40 Also available in cream.

  • Style with your favourite fitted trousers.
  • Hair tied back or down if it’s short.
  • Nails to be painted in soft nude tones or french manicure

You probably already have a variety of fitted blouses, but it’s always good to have a one-size power blouse. Go for something that looks luxurious but is also easy to wear and breathable. Many of you are investing in comfy loungewear, so if you don’t feel like wearing trousers for your meeting, then why not pair some joggers with the blouse of your choice?


Hold your head high in our blazer:

Photographer: Karol Debski. Model: Katie Turner. HMUA: Bekka Harvey.

So.NAEY blazer: Shop now. £59.

  • Combine with stud earrings.
  • Perfect for all seasons.

The blazer is a staple piece worn by professionals. Button up or leave it open, the choice is yours. But bear in mind that the blazer is the main detail, so anything worn underneath should stay very minimal.


Comfortable wrap around skirt

So.NAEY wrap around skirt: Shop now. £30

  • This skirt is the perfect length to bring out your inner chic and confidence.
  • Combine with pointed pumps or courts.

Primarily, the skirt is a statement piece that make an outfit feminine. There are a variety of skirts on the market and they suit different purposes. Be be sure to check that the length is appropriate for the interview; either mid or knee-length. Any longer than that will age you ten years. If you feel happy to meet up with your interviewer, consider your choice of smart footwear. Ankle boots, courts or ballerina pumps can all be worn with such a versatile item. However, we would recommend a classy court heel where your toes are hidden. Let an element of power shines through, allowing you to give your best interview.

Before your interview

Squeeze in 1 hour of self-care whether this is doing your nails, a relaxing bath with your favourite bath bombs, some deep breathing exercises or styling your hair.


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