BTS Fashion Photoshoot 2020

BTS: Autumn Fashion 2020 UK Photoshoot

20 October 2020                                 4 min read


The process of organising a photoshoot is always exciting. Somehow we made this autumn fashion photoshoot possible over 4 days. As the garments were ready, the next step was to find a suitable model, a photographer who understands and fits the clean and minimal aesthetic of So. NAEY and a hair and make up artist who could produce a natural yet tamed look.


...So what inspired you during this collection?

Well firstly I've taken a different approach, I decided not to create a collection and I just listened to what my customers were asking for on Instagram and Facebook. Many people gave me suggestions to compose loungewear and matching co-ords as well as fun weekend wear. I also factored in that due to social distancing, I tried to form a lockdown chic look where you can be comfortable at home and wear comfy trousers and choose from a range of our blouses, cardigans, jumpers and jackets to dress up your top half of the body for your virtual meetings at work. Therefore I carefully selected the pieces that I have to suit a wide range of my audience.


Tell us about the model you worked with?

After advertising through a Manchester fashion facebook group, there were many suitable applicants however I decided to go forward with Katie. She has a clean and effortless beauty and she has worked on many fashion and beauty campaigns for different brands. Alongside her goal of becoming a full-time model, Katie works for the emergency services. Her hobbies include going for walks with her dogs, horse-riding and generally keeping fit.

When working on the shoot Katie brought a lot of energy, charisma and really nailed our brand identity. 


Katie Turner Model

Katie's Instagram: @eliza_beth_kate01.


Who's the person behind the camera?

Other than Karol Debski's obsession for coffee, he has a thriving passion for photography. It was great working with him as he is very down to earth and passionate about his form of art through photography. He brought many interesting ideas to the table, we had a little too much fun when using the wind blowing machine, which you can see Karol holding in the photo below.

Karol Debski Manchester Fashion Photographer 



Introduce your Hair & Make Up Artist...

Bekka Harvey is studying hair and make up for fashion at London College of Fashion. Her goal is to make hair and make up a full time job and aims to work for more fashion and beauty campaigns.

Bekka says “ I love days with my duvet and watching Netflix, relaxing and having game nights with friends. Make up is a big passion for me so it's my hobby also; making my work life feel quite the opposite. I literally live and breathe make up”.

Bekka Harvey Make up artist in manchester



What was the vision for the shoot?

Meet Deepa Bamrah, she has previously worked on big campaigns for The Hut Group, Coggles, Glossybox & many more. Therefore we trusted her brand strategy when creating, planning and delivering a strategic vision for So. NAEY. She created a mood board of looks for the shoot, in depth research on the style of each look, hair and make up visuals etc. She also ensured that the model, lighting and each look was on brand.

Deepa Bamrah with So.NAEY


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